Google Analytics Beta

This is the logo you will see on the top left if you are using the Beta version

Very recently (2 days ago) I wrote a post about how to add an administrator to your Google Analytics account.  Well, since then most users have had their default view switched to the “new” analytics (11/16/2011). So, while you can still use the old version, I don’t expect that it will be there forever so let’s outline the instructions for the new (beta) Analytics.

  1. Log into Analytics:
  2. Click the big blue Access Analytics button.
  3. You should now be on the Account Home page.  Beneath the title on the left hand column you should see your website. Click on the small + button and then click on your domain name (
  4. Little White Gear

    Click it!

    This will take you to your analytics. You will see your graphs and other data. Over on the top right hand side of the screen, in the orange area, you will see a little white “gear”.  I’ve included an image of it over on the right there.. Click on the gear.

  5. OK, now look for the word in the second row of buttons that says Users. Click it.
  6. Click on the big button that says + New User
  7. Enter the email address of the person you’re adding
  8. Next select the Role.  In the case of adding your SEO, be sure to select Administrator.
  9. Finally click Create User.
  10. That’s it!
If you have any questions please feel free to leave them in the comments and I will respond.



One Response to Adding an Admin to your Google Analytics Account

  1. Cory Jaccino says:

    Thanks for sharing this info about how to add a new admin within the new Google Analytics beta interface. This new interface reminds me of the great Microsoft Office switch back in 2007. Whoa!

    It’s great to have some help navigating the new site! Thank you.

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