I’ve been looking for a solid backup solutions for my websites for a long time and have finally taken the time to find one. The wordpress backup plugin is called Automatic WordPress Backup.

It slices, it dices and has these other notable qualities.

  • It’s free! Though you should contribute some $$ or at least a high quality link to these guys as this is a high quality product that others charge quite a bit for.
  • You can set a schedule of daily, weekly, monthly OR you can just run it manually when you’d like.
  • It backs up to AS3 – Amazon’s Simple Storage Service. This is great because many of the other solutions just backup the files to the same server that the website lives on so if there is a loss of the server then… boom, you’re backup is gone along with it. AS3 is really inexpensive and reasonably easy to use. The Automatic WordPress Backup guys give you full instructions on how to do the whole thing at this video.
  • It backs up EVERYTHING that matters. All of the words, all of the images, all of the plugins, themes and uploads. It’s got you covered from end to end… and it’s easy.

So all of that being there are still a few things to consider.

Web hosting compatibility┬ácan be an issue. They’ve done a great job testing it on the major hosting companies and have a list right here. I’m using BlueHost and have installed it on about 5 sites so far and it works really well.. Installed in my mind means, installing the plugin, performing a backup, wiping the site out and doing a a full restore from the backup. So yeah, they list it’s in Beta for bluehost as of 7/5/2011 but I didn’t have any problems with it.

Now, all of this being said I still think it’s worth YOU going through the test process yourself of backup up a site and restoring it before you start counting on this as your main solution. I did run into one or two instances where I had to bounce between daily and weekly backup options in order to get the manual backups to work but it DID work.

I will post another update here in the next week or two to let you guys know how this is working on a regular basis.


Just a quick update, I have been having trouble getting the backups to work on my root site ONLY. All of the others (you can host unlimited domains on Blue Host) seem to be working fine. I’m going to send the guys an email and see if they can help me with it and make any updates on this post.


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